spatial work


Spaghetti Pasta

type: individual
date: Dec 10 19
material: wire, paper

Using the geometry of bent paper, I wanted to create patterns with wire and motors. Because the paper is refective, the I was trying to put lights from the bottom. 

Because of paper’s characteristic, it is little unstable as a structure.
But after the critique, I realized that this could be also used as a design, to be bent as the motor is running. 

I. Motor

1-1 Stepper motor:
I first picked up a old stepper motor. It is heavier, and stable of its own twerk. Until it decided to stop working.. 

1-2 Servo motor:
So I decided to change the motor to servo motor.

2-1 Disk for the wires and light

2-2 Connection between the disk and motor

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