spatial work


This week, I pulled out my online journal blog (private) that I’ve been keeping up for 5 years. I have been journaling since I was 13. And it’s one thing that I have been doing my whole life and affected me a lot through out the years. I still have regular journal, but the reason why I started writing it online is the ability to write fast enough that I could document volatility of emotions and stream of consciousness.

I write this blog in three occasions: 1. For photo journaling, describing little moments of the day that was funny to me, and I’m too lazy to write it on paper. 2. When I had too much going on in my life and trying to summarize what happened over the week. 3. When accumulation of life stuff gives me enlightenment, and I feel the urge to document abstract feelings.

The problem about my journal was that it is in 2.x languages (Korean, English, French, Gibberish, My own way of describing things..). I exported all the post in pdf form, pulled out just the texts, and then translated via Google translate. Then I used Text Analyzer to see the result. Reading translated journal was hilarious (at least for me). I assume I am the only one who would understand the sentences, because although some sentences are not translated well and doesn’t make sense, it still conveyed the meaning.

Here are some of the analysis.

I pulled one of the p5 sketches from last semester, using giphy api to visualize speeches. Since this is not the final look I am looking for, I am still trying to update the code. This is link towork in progress.

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