spatial work


Feb 04, 20


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Footage from last week

Here are some footages from daily moments:
R train, dance night, a lobby with weird lamp shade.

This reminded me going back home after work in Seoul, riding metro above ground.

In the movement of the train, the layering of images makes you transition from scene to scene.

This is a footage from Egyptian dance night!

The way light projected on the ceiling creating depth looked interesting.

This was a lamp shade made with mirrors.

I like that inside  it had a interesting reflection of an exit sign.

So I started collecting exit signs. The main hall of this building had a giant void, where you could see exit signs stacked together.

Also the glass ceiling was pretty nice.
I was back bending filiming this!

Stardust Sea

This is what I like to call stardust sea. Depending on the time, season and location, they never look the same.
I grew up next to the sea, but I am always mesmerised to see the patterns waves and lights make all together.
I filmed this a couple of years ago in July in Seattle, around 2 pm.
The cold deep water made a dark green color, and the sunlight at 2pm was quite strong.
What I like about this footage is that I was able to capture the transitioning moment -
when the light becomes a pattern and starts to look like floating objects in the void.

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