spatial work


Five Things

This project is about repeating the process of making an object.

date: Nov 12, 19
type: furniture

0. Conceptualize

I have three pairs of slippers in my room.
I realized it was somewhat taking up quite amount of floor space when they were spread apart throughout the room.

So I decided to build something that can stake them up.
Because the idea was to build the five identical things, I chose to make a modular furniture.

I. Material

This is plywood 3/4 inch. It’s light, has layers, and solid.
It has two faces, one slightly polished than the other side.
When varnished, it appears to be different colors.

My initial idea was to make a curvy plate.
This is the photo of my “first pancake”.
Apparently, cutting a curvy line with band saw didn’t feel quite right.
so I changed my design to be just simple rectangle.

I used band saw to cut all the materials. 
This is when I realized there is no perpendicular in this world.
Even though I tried to cut following the guide lines, it’s hard to make everything the same size (especially with band saw.)

II. Nailing

Pocket screw jig is magic.
It’s simple and makes a very solid connection.
It creates pretty big hole, but since it was below the plate, it didn’t bother me as much.

kregg jig

III. Sanding

Sanding was the part where I expected to be the easiest, but turned out to be the most hard part of this piece.
Because this is a standing object, equalizing the level is an important process.
It’s impossible to sand the legs

IV. Finishing

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