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Combining Materials


type: individual
date: Dec 03 19
material: metal, pine tree, rubber

I. Material
In class, I was fascinated by the chunk of Shoji pine. The smell, and the materiality inspired me.
But then when I tried to get it online, it’s something that’s ususally hard to find online.
In search of the block of fresh wood, I found it in the backyard of my aunt’s house during the thanksgiving holiday.(yay!)

Shoji Pine Tree

After cutting :
Since it wasn’t a properly dried wood, the wood didn’t have a nice smell. 
While I was cutting this with band saw, I felt like this pine wood was quite dense and sturdy.

Fire wood I found in the backyard of my aunt’s house

I thought this block of wood would go well with gold color metal. So I got two different sized metal sticks.
To mount it on the wood, I made the same sized hole with drill and sticked them all the way.
After, I found a rubber band that is exactly the same size with the stick.
Below is the final result.

Detail Photos

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