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Watch Match!


Our project is an infomercial for a product called Match Watch.
Match Watch is an application and digital service designed to help partners keep track of their significant others through questionable surveillance means.
Our infomercial will depict a scenario where the application would be necessary, a description of the product,
testimonies pertinent to the success of the product (facetiously), and a demonstration of a limited-edition service offering.

group:  Sam Krystal, Julie Lizardo, Young min Choi
type: informercial
date: Oct 16 2019

Written, Directed, and Edited By

Youngmin Choi
Julie Lizardo
Sam Krystal


Gabe Barcia-Colombo


Nikhil Kumar
Erkin S
Emily Zhao
Mousta Taenchiki
Karenna Rodriguez
Michelle Sun
Lulu Lyu
Marko Papic
Cheran Kelly

Story Board

Scene#1 : Group of friends hanging out, and a tinder notification
Scene#2 : A spoke person walks in the scene and background freezes
Scene#3 : A person walking in the hallway talking about features
Scene#4 : Security room scene (surveillance on the target person)
Scene#5 : Zoom into computer screen to show using traffic camera live feeds
Scene#6  : Testimonials- with a pushc of a button with a popup
Scene#7 : Additional feature- “Sign up for premium extraction service”
Scene#8 : Information about the contracts- “Call Now!” (like insurance informercial)


Scene 1:

People sitting on the coach. Talking.

*Tinder sound*

Actor 1: hey man I thought you and Nicole were good?

Actor 2: yeah, we're good because she doesn't know I'm still on Tinder

Actor 1: hahaha play on play on

(Daps each other up)


The future is now, and it's not relationship friendly. Dating apps and encryption services have made it harder than ever to stay faithful - or so you’d think.
If you've ever worried that your partner has been cheating on you - physically, digitally, emotionally, or otherwise there’s a product that’ll help you rest easy.


Scene 2 A :

Match watch is the first of its kind, 24 hour surveillance service, designed to help you and your partner uphold the fidelity of your relationship.
We leverage state of the art technology to ensure you know when and where your significant other is - and what they might be getting into.

Scene 2 B:

Hallway with pop up of app icon

Scene 3:

We also recruit elite intelligence operatives at the top of their field - so your significant other won’t be able to run, or hide

Security - John C. from Portland is trying to masturbate

That’s a violation our terms of service - we’ll be contacting his partner within the hour

Security 2- Good luck explaining that one!

(high fives)

Scene 4 A:

Voice over of Traffic feeds

From traffic cameras, 

Scene 4 B:

Voice over of Security Feeds

to security feeds,

Scene 4 C:

Voice over of computer camera (from webcam view and then pans out to the room)

to your home computer - we’ve got unprecedented access to your life, and the lives of the people around you

Scene 5 A:

Testimonial 1

Since we've started match watch we’ve stopped cheating on each other entirely.

I haven't even talked to anyone I found remotely attractive in months

Scene 5 B:

I don't care what my friends say we're the kind of couple that requires 24 hour surveillance

Scene 6 A:

Restaurant scene

If you sign up now, you will gain access to our premium extraction package.

Scene 6 B:

View of app with Match Watch logo

Scene 6 C:

Restaurant scene with security guards walking in and pulling them out

Scene 7:

Call today!!!!! Text slide

Scene 8:

Person kidnapped, tried.


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