spatial work


1.Get ready with the circuit
1.1 understand how circuit works

Learning a new thing sometime means .. you might spend an hour on the basics of the basics.

1.2 Design your switch
Hours after, my circuit evolved into one with 4 light bulbs. I have decided that I will make a switch that will turn each of the bulbs at a time. Now it’s time to think about how not to manually move the wire when turning it on. Like when a butterfly flies thorough flowers to find honey, I imagined my switch to be flying around to find the light bulbs.May be you can feel a butterfly from my breadboard?  

2. Making a switch
2.1 switch with a motor
[fig.1]   [fig.2]

As shown in the diagram [fig.1], my design was to turn on the light automatically with the motor. But there was one big problem with this: Inward power source and outward power source operates in different physical direction because of the characteristic of the motor [fig. 2]. Which means, I have to develop a connection detail so that the wires don’t get tangled.

First try: the wire is one connected line, which has a problem of having two direction from input and output electricity.

2.2 Creating a detail

Second try: Because of the problem I had with the first one, I thought it was a better idea to make the switch into two parts. But connecting to the ground power from the bottom created a tangled situation, because the wire was spinning with the motor.

Third try: to avoid ground wire spinning with the motor, I came up with a detail made with a nut. This way, the nut will be separate from spinning direction of the motor. And plus, the nut size was just big enough that the screw wouldn’t fall out, but also has a room for it to stay still when motor is revolving. the final circuit!

3. trial and errors. Even though it works (not as smoothly as I imagined),  it still has some parts left to work on.  Another elements that needs to be done is the connection between the paper straw and motor stick, which determines the speed of the spin. These are trial videos!

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