partner: Mark Matamoros
type: art object, interactive
date: Oct 30 2019


“Shadow Box” is an interactive shadow puppertry box where the interactivity is conducted by the gaze of the viewer.

In the house of nine rooms, nine incoherent scenes are taking place.
As you move on your attention, you create your own interpretation of the cinematic experience.

Inspired by brownstone houses in Brooklyn, I always imagined and fascinated by different stories that could be happening in each familiar looking houses. 

Similarly, the telescopic view is a analogy of our subjective perspective that makes up our perception of the world.

System Diagram

from left to right:
1. an outer box with sub led light to give an atomsphere of the house.

2. an accelerometer and arduino uno lighting up each rooms accordingly to the direction of each cells.

3. back piece with reflective tape to concentrate light source, two power supplies.
For interactivity to work effectively, we chose to use accelerometer and attached below the telescope.

Now she has turned back toward the door to close it behind her. She still has on the light-colored, close-fitting dress with the high collar that she was wearing at lunch when Christiane reminded her again that loose-fitting clothes make the heat easier to bear. But A... merely smiled: she never suffered from the heat, she had known much worse climates than this — in Africa, for instance — and had always felt fine there. Besides, she doesn’t feel the cold either. Wherever she is, she keeps quite comfortable. 

Interactivity and Interpretation

The limitations of the gaze 

© ymchoi 2019