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Young.m. Choi

Shadow Box

Type: Interactive artwork
Partner: Mark Matamoros
Year: 2019

#arduino, laser cutting

A shadow puppertry box where the interactivity is conducted by the gaze of the viewer.

In the house of nine rooms, nine incoherent scenes are taking place.
As you move on your attention, you create your own interpretation of the cinematic experience.

Inspired by brownstone houses in Brooklyn, I always imagined and was fascinated by the idea that different stories could be happening in each familiar looking houses. The telescopic view is a analogy of our subjective perspective that makes up our perception of the world.

By looking into a peephole, the audience is exposed to nine disparate scenes. While spectators move on to the different scenes, each will build their own narratives. 
The box is made of three components:
1. An outer box with sub led light attached inside to give an atomsphere of the house.
2. An accelerometer and arduino uno lighting up each rooms accordingly to the direction of each cells.
3. Aack piece with reflective tape to concentrate light source, two power supplies.