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Young.m. Choi

Type: Social VR Experience
Partner: Alvaro Lacouture
Year: 2020

#unity, photon engine (networking), blender, oculus2

A social VR experience to help complete the journey of the minions.

Synopsis: The minions are trying to cross their journey through the cosmos. While the ‘bad minions’ try to hinder their journey, the users have to use mirror boxes to reflect the laser to eliminate the bad minions.

The Overview of architectural space

VR experience demo

During the pandamic, the lack of social activity while being quarantined aroused the importance of social aspect of virtual reality. As well as exploring the visual aspects of the VR experience, we wanted to create a social interaction that takes place in VR.

We designed the social VR experience by creating a simple and intuitive narrative ( the good vs. the bad) that could introduce the collaborative activities in virtual space.

The space is divided into 3 stages: the on boarding, the hallway, and main arena. On boarding introduces the users to get used to the virtual space, and give an introduction to the interactions that is utilized in the main space (reflective mirror objects, the laser, two types of minions). The hallway illustrates the narrative of the experience, giving hints to the user by placing the minion statues. When entering the main arena, the user will first have a panoramic view of the scene, then will be encountered with the scene where light minions are landing to the ground and bad minions trying to approach them.