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Freelance Work

"Petrogenesis, Petra Genetrix 페트로제네시스, 페트라 제네트릭스MMCA x Ayoung Kim

As a freelancer, I regenerated 3D objects for an art video project called “Petrogenesis, Petra Genetrix” and assisted demonstration of exhibition space for MMCA Seoul.

Influenced by mythical world, to Immigration Center in Korea. Her works unravel the issues with migration using mythical motifs and fictional narratives. 
“Kim’s speculatie fiction Porosity Valley2: Tricksters’ Plot combines migration of different layers occurring globally and the pseudo-myths of Mongolila and associatees them with the influc of Yemen refugees seeking shelter on Jeju Island. Her work invites us to observe the definitions and categories of ‘we’ set by the indiciduals, namely, their understandings of groups.”

This work is exhibited for Korea Artist Prize 2019, Ayoung Kim at National Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, Korea.

modelling for an art video project

Mongolian indigenous religion : the Mother Rock

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Hwaseong Immigration Processing Center

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MMCA Korea Artist Prize 2019
spatial design assistant

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