Dear Diary

“Dear Diary” is a p5 sketch of my diary.
It is a visualization of stream of consciousness using giphy api and p5.text library.



I pulled out my online journal blog that I’ve been keeping up for 5 years. I have been journaling since I was 13. And it’s one thing that I have been doing my whole life and affected me a lot through out the years. I still have regular journal, but the reason why I started writing it online is the ability to write fast enough that I could document volatility of emotions and stream of consciousness.

I write this blog in three occasions: 1. For photo journaling, describing little moments of the day that was funny to me, and I’m too lazy to write it on paper. 2. When I had too much going on in my life and trying to summarize what happened over the week. 3. When accumulation of life stuff gives me enlightenment, and I feel the urge to document abstract feelings.

The problem about my journal was that it is in 2.x languages (Korean, English, French, Gibberish, My own way of describing things..). I exported all the post in pdf form, pulled out just the texts, and then translated via Google translate. Then I used Text Analyzer to see the result. 

Here are some of the analysis.

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