Young.m. Choi

“Can you ever see yourself ?”

Cloud Mirror

Type: video installation
Year: 2021

#touchdesigner, video projection, audio analysis

Cloud Mirror is a video installation which projects “reflections” of the viewer, both in the past and present, where time is controlled by the viewer’s breath.

Are you the same person that you were 10 years ago, a year ago, or even a day ago?

How can we, as ever-changing beings, reorient ourselves to every passing moment?

At first, the mirror reflects where the viewer was 3 seconds in the past. As the participant’s breathing gets deeper and longer, their “reflection” will move closer to the present.

The participant’s “reflection” is generated using point cloud data to produce an artistic interpretation of their body as seen through a depth camera.


Action, Reaction

After a year of living through a pandemic, breathing, and the monitoring of breath, has become a symbol of death and oppression.

I wanted to liberate the act of breathing, inviting participants to use their breath as a tool to observe, reflect, and “draw” themselves in a real time installation experience.

Research I: Concept

Not to be reproduced,
Rene Magritte (1937)

I took inspirations from the painting ‘Not to be reproduced’ by Rene Magritte. The man is looking into the mirror. But instead of seeing his face, which he would normally expect , he only sees the back of his head.

Magritte is telling us that what you see in the mirror is just an image, which could be reproduced over and over again. So, is what you see in the mirror who you really are?

Research II : Movement

So if we are not free from our own perception and not free from being constantly perceived, how can we look at ourselves not just as images but as a piece itself? In other words, how can we better observe ourselves as phenomena?

Muybridge’s works were a great inspiration to me as to how movements become patterns that make up space.

Research III: Sketches

(L to R) Tantalus, Ghost from the Past, Three figures of Time