spatial work



type: sound / spatial installation
partner: Sylvan Zheng
date: Dec 15-16 / itp 19’ Winter Show

“A sound installation that explores the relationship between two people by connecting the physical act of pulling to music.”

As the two participants negotiate their mutual physical equilibrium music responds to the surges in tension, releases, and twists highlighting the nature of their relationship. While the installation affords this personal experience to the participants it also serves as a performance for a larger audience to engage with.

Two wooden handles hang suspended at chest height, connected to each other with a simple band.

We invite participants to explore the subtle musical shifts in tone and harmonic texture throughout the varying positions and tensions afforded by the installation.

Wooden handles, redwood, carved and varnished.

Equilibrilium of Forces

Everything in this world forms its own state of equilibrium. The form is defined by the result of finding a balance of multiple forces surrounding them.

In the process of developing this installation, we focused on the idea of finding balance through negotiating physical equilibrium.

Interactivity happens before the conversation. People instantly know when they feel or touch.

This handle was to stimulate the tangible interaction of physical forces. The elastic band gives a playfulness of the interactivity, while functions well enough as a medium to convey the pulling forces.

installed in space

Sail/Waves 1 — postcard design

Soundscape and the space


Before playing the instrument, the participants are given simple instruction to slowly pull on the handles. The linearity of both handles is read as a part of the vertical string of the whole installaion. This gives access to the participants to come in and start playing by just grabbing suspended handles. And as the participants explore the tension and the music, the string creates different shapes and scapes around the center of the suspension.

Participants in higher tension, 

playful tension

Design Process /
to find out more about the making of handles Enclosures︎

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