Young-min Choi

Generative Art


Experience Design   

   Blur Clock
   Chordal Distance
   Accessible Design
   Shadow Box
   Seoul Biennale


Young.m. Choi

Type:  Urban Research / Desgin
Program: Plant factory, commercial facilities, amenities
Year: 2018

Regenerating urban structures by repurposing existing flow of rain water.

We have to admit the fact that a city needs its infrastructures. Also instead of moving them into pheriphery or hiding them underground, we have to accept and integrate them into our city. A city needs to integrate this infrastructure with public program or productive program. I proposed water storage to transform into a public and commercial program and use them according to the situation.

Infrastructures are solely made by humans, for the humans. In this project, I am questioning the modernistic approach to the nature, where humans are trying to control the nature, and occupy the land just for their needs.

The site was a outdoor storage to control rainwater and flood of  Han river. Right now, it is used as a public parking lot covering the reservoir partially. Regarding the current situation, its economic and urban connection lies in the connection between Han river and the city of Seoul.